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Health Information for Teens

Teenagers in Sussex are being offered health information and advice through a new app that they can access on their mobile phones. The NHS already use social media to try and reach these groups, but it is felt that an app is a more private... Read more

ASLTIP at TES SEN Conference

This week at Integrated Treatment Services we are reporting on how Speech and Language Therapists from ITS have been raising the profile of ASLTIP (Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice) in Special... Read more

No-Pens Day

Here at Integrated Treatment Services we are supporting No Pens Day 2012! No Pens Day was originally part of the Hello! Campaign, which was a component of the National Year of Communication. Such was the success of No Pens Day last year... Read more

S.E.N. Statementing

Here at Integrated Treatment Services we?re often asked by parents for information regarding the SEN Statutory Assessment process. The official guidance on the process is available on the Direct Gov website where... Read more

Extra Educational Support

Getting into the swing of the new school term can be both an exciting and challenging time for children as they familiarise themselves with new friends, teachers, and school topics.  Here at Integrated Treatment Services this week we are... Read more


This week we are discussing ASLTIP, the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice. Integrated Treatment Services is proud to be registered with ASLTIP, as we feel that it gives our clients extra reassurance and... Read more

Getting Ready for Court

"Justice? Not if defendants can’t engage fully with the trial." So reads the headline from The Guardian’s ‘You Told Us’ series blog. It discusses the difficulties young people with speech, language and communication needs face when... Read more

Educational Psychologists

What is psychology? This is a question which has been asked in many disciplines and across a long time period. For the purposes of providing a working definition we define psychology as the study of human behaviour and development. It... Read more

Acorn Care and Education

During the December 2010 Acorn Care and Education Group became our new working partner as they bought The Shires at Stretton into their group. Integrated Treatment Services have delivered therapy services into The Shires for the last 6... Read more