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Intensive Interaction Therapy

Intensive Interaction Therapy (IIT) is an approach to teaching the basics of communication to children or adults with severe learning disabilities. It also builds positive relationships increasing people’s self-worth and overall quality... Read more

Could a weighted blanket help ?

Around 70% of people diagnosed with autism will have a range of sensory processing difficulties. For most people their brain will take in, organize and then use sensory information from their environment with ease. A person with autism can... Read more

Ready to Learn kit, – Award

Alison Harris and her colleague, Nika Oberholster, Occupational Therapists and close colleagues of I.T.S  have developed the Ready to Learn kit for Spacekraft  in 2009. It is based on the concept of introducing more sensory... Read more

Start Write Stay Right

Alison Harris, Occupational Therapist anda closecolleague of I.T.Sco-wrote Start Write Stay Right with her colleague Janet Taylor. The book was published by Special Direct in 2007 and went on to win NASEN (National Association of Special... Read more