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ITS in London & The South

Welcome to Integrated Treatment Services in London and the South. Are you looking for help, guidance or information for yourself or someone in your family who has difficulty with communicating, swallowing or other physical difficulties... Read more

ITS – East Midlands

Welcome to Integrated Treatment Services in the East Midlands. If you are seeking information, guidance or support for yourself or a child/young person with speech, language or communication needs, we have a team of highly skilled,... Read more

ITS in London and the South

Do you need help for yourself or someone in your family, who has difficulty with communicating or swallowing, or other physical difficulties needing therapy? Our team can offer you: Specialist Speech and Language Therapy A... Read more

Therapy in the West Midlands

In order to fully meet your needs as a client it is imperative for us to take an holistic approach to your care as an individual. By working in an integrated way with a range of therapists such as speech therapists, occupational... Read more

Specific Language Impairment

Specific Language Impairment, or SLI, is a well-known diagnosis amongst Speech and Language Therapists working with children across a range of ages. Whilst difficulties like Autism, Dyslexia, and perhaps more obvious speech difficulties... Read more

Therapy Services In Sandwell

Integrated Treatment Service are pleased to announce availability of all of our service in the Sandwell area. As well as Speech and Language Therapy, we are also now able to offer associated services such as Occupational Therapy and... Read more

SALT in London and Surrey

Exciting things are happening within the speech and language world in London. There are several prestigious universities in London that are the world leaders in speech and language research, developmental disorders, child development and... Read more

ITS Around the World

Previously Integrated Treatment Services  have been able to offer speech and language therapy services in Leicestershire and the East Midlands. We have also been able to offer the services of associated health and education professionals... Read more

Therapy in London & the South

Many of our independent schools and care settings are looking to ensure that come September their ‘therapeutic’ team is in place to support the student’s therapy needs across their education and care environments. A number of... Read more

Speech Therapy Dubai / India

Despite Dubai and India having some forward thinking therapy resources within the country, Integrated Treatment Services are finding that many families are spending greater time between the UK and their native home, thus their children... Read more