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Suicide and epilepsy are leading to premature deaths in people with autism.

The Daily Mail has reported that“People with autism are dying decades earlier than the general public, a charity has warned... The Swedish study, in the British Journal of Psychiatry, suggested autistic people die on average 16 years... Read more

Scientists are calling for a new focus of speech and language therapy for Parkinson’s Disease.

The Daily Mail has reported on a new finding that claims that people with Parkinson's Disease struggle to speak because they cannot keep up with conversation - not because of physical problems as doctors previously thought. The main... Read more

Autism and Language

Autism can have a huge impact on a person's ability to communicate. In some cases after children have begun to learn and use language in the usual way they can suddenly stop using words to communicate. The Daily Mail reported on a story... Read more

World Autism Awareness Week

The National Autistic Society is encouraging people to help celebrate World Autism Awareness Week which this year takes place between Saturday 2 April and Friday 8 April. By raising money people can help to raise awareness about autism... Read more

Bilingual children and language development

There is conflicting information about bilingualism and its effects on language development in children. Some studies report that bilingual children achieve basic language development milestones at the same age as children just learning... Read more

Gestures and communication

Speech and language therapists recognise that the use of gesture is an important part of communication and for some people with difficulties in expressing their message – such as people who have suffered a stroke and have aphasia - it... Read more

Autism Mapping Project

The Parents Autism Project is inviting people to participate in a global citizen science project called the International Autism Mapping Project. People who take part will help in gathering information which will make for stronger... Read more

How a diagnosis of high-functioning autism helped a woman make sense of her life.

Awareness and support for Autism has increased in recent years meaning that more people are likely to be diagnosed earlier in their lives. This in turn can mean earlier and improved access to services, such as speech and language therapy,... Read more

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

International Day of Persons with Disabilities takes place on December 3 and draws awareness to persons with disabilities and the problems they are faced with in their everyday lives. Disabilities include speech, language and... Read more

Autism – Hope not despair

The BBC has reported that author Steve Silberman has won the £20,000 Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction for his book about autism. The judges said Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and How to Think Smarter About People Who Think... Read more