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Motherhood – The pressure to be perfect

Each month, I scour online journals and news articles looking for inspiration for something to share in this blog. This month I did not have far to look for inspiration. One of the most wonderful aspects of being a speech and language... Read more

Sex Education and Learning Difficulties

What will you be doing on the 14th February?  Will Cupid be visiting you? Will you send someone a Valentine’s card, get given red roses, or go out for a romantic meal?  With all things love in the air around February, I thought I... Read more

Downs syndrome from a communication perspective

I was doing some preparation for an activity the other day and looking at news articles for research. I came across an article about a young girl with Down Syndrome (DS) who was in the news because she had recently starred in an... Read more

A Season of Peace and Joy?

Earlier in the year I wrote a blog article about going on holidays with children with special needs, in particular ASD.  As the season of “Peace and Joy” is upon us I thought I would do something similar about Christmas. I love... Read more

PACT study and Communicating – it’s much more than talking

If I had a penny for every time a parent or carer said to me I “just want them to talk”, I’d be well off (which I’m not).  Trust me; you only have to look at my car to know I’m just an average girl.  It’s something all... Read more

What do you see?

What do you see? Each month, I reflect on what to write in this blog.  This month I have had lots to think about.  The last few weeks have been personally stressful for me as I have helped one of my children get ready for and adjust to... Read more

The Best way to tackle a Stammer

October 22nd 2016 was International Stuttering Awareness Day. The day is intended to raise public awareness of the millions of people – one per cent of the world's population who have the speech disorder of stuttering, also known as... Read more

What’s in a word?

We’ve just come back from a fabulous holiday in the USA.  We travelled all over and visited family and lots of friends.  We had a great time, but one of the things we noticed was that everywhere we went people struggled to understand... Read more

The “Ice Bucket Challenge” and MND

What can a bucket of icy water achieve? It was a worldwide craze that celebrities old and young took part in.  Bill Gates, George Bush, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Ford, David Beckham, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Justin... Read more

How crucial communication is and the approaches we use as Speech & Language Therapists

Communication is at the core of just about everything we do in life at home, in school and in work.  It is something that many of us often take for granted until we encounter challenges, often with our loved ones.  I know that it... Read more